Borrowed Time

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Alison Sudol of the group A Fine Frenzy, serenades us with the song Borrowed Time.

Greetings Fellow Earthlings!

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Welcome to “Start Hear”, your oasis of rest and relaxation for those tired blog reading eyes of yours.

This blog will hopefully be short on text and long on content. Trust me, I feel your pain!

Gary Numan

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Back in the day…1979 to be more precise…I was given some tickets to a Gary Numan concert. 30 years later I went to another Gary Numan concert. Same Artist, Same Great Results. Watch this “what-it’s-like-to-be-up-on-stage” video of Gary Numan doing a guest appearance with NIN (nine inch nails) over in London.

The Call That Saved My Life

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Save some slices for your “Big Brother”, will ya!

The Time Machine

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Rare Film Footage from 1906 of a Cable Car Ride down San Francisco’s Market Street.  Just Days Before the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

The title of the music is “La Femme D’Argent” by the group “Air”.

The Game Changer

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It appears that the current buzz phrase is “Game Changer”. I have been hearing that a lot lately, especially in videos and when it is used to describe the latest in technology. Before that it was called “raising the bar”, “the new benchmark”, and “the new gold standard”.

In 1979, a movie, shrouded in secrecy, raised that very bar. A level that still to this day, some 30 years on, is still the benchmark by which all newcomers to this genre are judged by.

Some of you may be too young to remember, some of you might not even care. But in the day before the internet, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, and smart phones, getting the word out had it’s limits. In a time when there was only Radio, TV, Newspapers, and Magazines; keeping the lid on something was easy to do.

In 1979 VHS was still in the early years of acceptance, and cable TV was just starting to make it’s main stream appearance. The majority of the movie viewing public still went to the theaters. If a movie was really popular, you stood in long lines to see it. Sometimes you even stood in long lines outside the theater, waiting for it to empty so that you could buy a ticket and take a seat.

In 1979, I stood in line 6 times in one month to see just one movie. I had heard very little about it. And from those I knew that had seen it before me, they revealed very little of it to me. As so it should be. Because the less you know before the curtains goes up, the better your experience will be.

The “game changer” back then was the movie “Alien”. That movie was the original “Shell Shocker”! If you’ve seen the movie you will know what I mean when I say; “Shell Shocker”. Before Alien’s arrival in the Sci-Fi Spectrum, the movie 2001:A Space Odyssey, held the top spot. 2001 was a beautiful and ethereal movie experience, that had it’s moments of darkness and mystery. “Alien” was darker, more evil, more mysterious, and with a lot more horror. I can honestly say that I wanted to leave the theater after watching the dining scene. I was so scared. Not before and not since has a movie ever made me that scared.

Fast forward to the present year 2012 and the coming month of June. This is the date that we will go back to the theater to witness a new “Shell Shocker”….PROMETHEUS! Will Prometheus be the new “game changer”? Will I be scared? Probably not. Will I see a good movie? Heck, I hope to see a great movie!

Some are calling it the prequel to “Alien”, some are not. But in this modern age of social media, instant messaging, and information overload. I’m sure that the effect I want to feel when watching this movie will have been worn away by my knowing more about the movie than I should.

*Note to self…find some social media blinders and put them on NOW!

P.S. Enjoy the trailer.

Rest Stop Ahead…Don’t Miss it!

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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors…

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A World Without Photoshop

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I laughed my little behind off…now I got nothing left!

A Boat, A Piano, A Movie

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Supposedly a True Story…You Decide.

Crank it!

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TransVision Vamp and a tune you gotta play loud….I WANT YOUR LOVE!

The Bird and the Bee

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